Take Charge With Quirky Calendars

Gifting a calendar isn’t a bad idea, especially if you want to impress your loved one with something worth keeping. A typical calendar comes with the risk of getting passed on to sub-ordinates but a unique and impressive one always finds a special place in the life of the person you intend to gift it to. Go ahead take a tour of some unique calendar ideas that add a new meaning to New Year gifting. One by one!

Colouring Calendars


Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a space to do things he/she loves the most. It’s a way of appreciating the one you gift and expressing how close you are as a pal or a relative. Here comes a gifting option that enables a person to personalize it with the colour combinations and colouring materials of his/her choice. It’s an ultimate compliment to someone with an artistic bend of mind. It can be an ideal gift for kids too, as they love to play with colours. It’s fun to watch them create their own masterpieces one by one every month or all together at one go.  Interested? Buy it off the virtual shelf at instamojo.com    

3-D DIY Calendars


Calendars need not always by square or rectangle shaped. It can also take a 3-D avatar especially in today’s times when 3-D printing is gaining popularity. What makes this a must-choose gifting idea is its unconventionalism and the ability to qualify convincingly as a collector’s item. It’s also fun to assemble and also looks great on a desktop or a table where usually a typically boring flip calendar finds a place due to lack of options. Gift an out-of-the-box 3-D calendar this year and surround yourself with appreciations. You can pick and choose 3-D DIY calendars at in.skygoodies.com or directly from retail outlets like Dhoop or Loose Ends in Bandra, Tappu Ki Dukaan in Fort or Bliss in Andheri. A not-so-expensive-yet-so-impressive gift for the ones you care for.

Go Moon-struck!   

greetings2017(Source: g5a.com)

Here’s comes an interesting calendar that precisely tells you the position of the moon everyday, for the next 365 days. This one-sheet calendar concept is sure to grab eyeballs because of its value added feature.  You can either download it from g5a.org and take a printout yourself or bag a A2 size physical copy from G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.


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