Join the gifting chain of happy meals!


The materialistic world has often inspired us to wander away from simple things that give us the biggest joys of life. And in this pursuit, we often forget the human side of our existence. It’s sad to see relationships going for a toss, family time being replaced by social networking time, emotions being forgotten and stress reaching higher levels, everyday. Tough we don’t like to be looked upon as money minded individuals, we are all swiftly moving ahead on the path of being one.  In a way, we have all got ourselves immune to Good Karma and the mad rush to stay ahead in the rat race still continues to consume our prime time.

We find Good Karma mostly in books or perhaps as an advice from our elders.  We also know what goes around, comes around. Here’s a chance to witness the same. Seva Café in Ahemedabad leads by  example when it comes to the joy of gifting a happy meal to someone you don’t even know. Unlike conventional restaurants, Seva Café is based on the unique philosophy of ‘Love All. Serve All’.  Unlike other commercial restaurants it works on the principle of gifting economy. It’s a platform that gives you the joy of humble giving and selfless service. Seva Café Meals are served with love by volunteers to anyone who steps in with a menu where all dishes come at Rs. Zero. No! It’s not a typing error. It’s a conscious effort to multiply the joy of giving and grow the chain of kindness and care which seems to be unfortunately lost in this materialistic world we live in.

At Seva Café, you can expect all the professional services of an A-grade Restaurant including a good lifestyle ambience, a scrumptious food menu, choice of multiple cuisines, list of Today’s Specials, a clean & safe kitchen and courteous service. Once you are done with your hearty meal you are given an empty envelope instead of a bill. Surprisingly you don’t need to pay for what you have ordered for because it’s a gift to you by someone who has eaten here earlier. You are free to put any amount you want in the envelope. No questions asked even if you walk out leaving the envelope empty. No faces will frown either. Seva Café believes what goes around comes around. And it seems to be true. The positive vibes associated with this eatery have multiplied manifold ever since its inception a few years ago. The restaurant is supported by a community of like-minded people who believe in Good Karma. The chain of Seva Cafés is financially backed by three NGOs – Manav Sadhan, Gramshree and Swacch Seva. Hat’s off to their sincere efforts. With active growth plans in the pipeline, Seva Café envisions to spread its wings to other cities in India slowly and steadily. Seva Café has successfully launched its first outlet in Bengaluru and doing good already!You can also be associated with Seva Café as a volunteer. You can extend your support across departments like meal making, cleanliness, stewardship, administration and work support. The enriching experience is sure to leave you with a positive mind and the satisfaction of doing something good for others. Seva Café is nothing less than a stunning example of how Good Karma rewards you back with eternal happiness. Do drop-in to this unique eatery for a first-hand experience and be a part of this ever growing circle of gifting. And do spread the word.


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