Join the gifting chain of happy meals!


The materialistic world has often inspired us to wander away from simple things that give us the biggest joys of life. And in this pursuit, we often forget the human side of our existence. It’s sad to see relationships going for a toss, family time being replaced by social networking time, emotions being forgotten and stress reaching higher levels, everyday. Tough we don’t like to be looked upon as money minded individuals, we are all swiftly moving ahead on the path of being one.  In a way, we have all got ourselves immune to Good Karma and the mad rush to stay ahead in the rat race still continues to consume our prime time.

We find Good Karma mostly in books or perhaps as an advice from our elders.  We also know what goes around, comes around. Here’s a chance to witness the same. Seva Café in Ahemedabad leads by  example when it comes to the joy of gifting a happy meal to someone you don’t even know. Unlike conventional restaurants, Seva Café is based on the unique philosophy of ‘Love All. Serve All’.  Unlike other commercial restaurants it works on the principle of gifting economy. It’s a platform that gives you the joy of humble giving and selfless service. Seva Café Meals are served with love by volunteers to anyone who steps in with a menu where all dishes come at Rs. Zero. No! It’s not a typing error. It’s a conscious effort to multiply the joy of giving and grow the chain of kindness and care which seems to be unfortunately lost in this materialistic world we live in.

At Seva Café, you can expect all the professional services of an A-grade Restaurant including a good lifestyle ambience, a scrumptious food menu, choice of multiple cuisines, list of Today’s Specials, a clean & safe kitchen and courteous service. Once you are done with your hearty meal you are given an empty envelope instead of a bill. Surprisingly you don’t need to pay for what you have ordered for because it’s a gift to you by someone who has eaten here earlier. You are free to put any amount you want in the envelope. No questions asked even if you walk out leaving the envelope empty. No faces will frown either. Seva Café believes what goes around comes around. And it seems to be true. The positive vibes associated with this eatery have multiplied manifold ever since its inception a few years ago. The restaurant is supported by a community of like-minded people who believe in Good Karma. The chain of Seva Cafés is financially backed by three NGOs – Manav Sadhan, Gramshree and Swacch Seva. Hat’s off to their sincere efforts. With active growth plans in the pipeline, Seva Café envisions to spread its wings to other cities in India slowly and steadily. Seva Café has successfully launched its first outlet in Bengaluru and doing good already!You can also be associated with Seva Café as a volunteer. You can extend your support across departments like meal making, cleanliness, stewardship, administration and work support. The enriching experience is sure to leave you with a positive mind and the satisfaction of doing something good for others. Seva Café is nothing less than a stunning example of how Good Karma rewards you back with eternal happiness. Do drop-in to this unique eatery for a first-hand experience and be a part of this ever growing circle of gifting. And do spread the word.


Bring back the joy of good old days!


Toys have fascinated all of us as children. They entertain us with their attractive colours and engage us with their uniqueness. They also double up as a good medium of stress-free learning. In our times toys were simple, entertaining and free from digital involvement. Probably that’s why we used to spend more time with our toys and engaged in physical activities. However today, the market is flooded with cheap Chinese goods made with toxic materials. They are not good for your child’s health and don’t last long.

Isn’t it time you put your foot down and say “No” to this senseless practice? Why make India a dumping ground for cheap Chinese goods when you have a better option? The time has come to seek inspirations from Channapatna, the wooden toy capital of India.       


Once, I was travelling to Bengaluru on my way back from a forest holiday. On my way, I passed through Channapatna a small town in Karnataka that was famous for wooden toys. I was surprised to see a lot of toy shops on my way as they grabbed my attention, big time. I got to know about this wonderful town through my driver who accompanied us. Since he belonged to that place he was in a better position to feed my curiosity of this unique town that created history with bulk manufacturing wooden toys.I decided to drop by a toy shop recommended by him to have a look. And what I saw took me by surprise!I had never seen such a huge collection of neatly stacked wooden toys and collectibles in my life. I spent almost two hours admiring their beauty and quality. All toys here were different yet they had a distinct similarity in the way they were made and the magical mix of bright colours they come with. A character you will find nowhere else.

Channapatna’s obsession with wooden toy creation dates back to the era of Tipu Sultan who invited artisans from Persia to train locals with the art of making wooden toys. These toys were usually made with ivory wood and hand painted by the villagers in large numbers. You will be surprised to know that there are no huge toy factories in Channapatna. Over here people work in small sheds or from their homes and sell their finished goods in the open market.   

Channapatna toys have a distinct character and you can easily recognize them the moment you take a glance. The bright colours, the artistic hand finished contours, the amazing flexibility of wooden creations and the unlimited joys of owning a piece of cherished childhood makes these toys an exciting gifting option. Right from rattles, beautiful dolls, trains, musical toys, abacus and spinning tops to all wood trains, motorcycles, engines, puzzles, wooden bangles and indoor games, Channapatna offers a wide array of gifting options for kids of all age groups. Even adults can pick and choose from an array of wooden wonders including pen stands, desk top adornments, key-chains, show pieces, wooden pens, puzzles, wooden spoons, utensils, chess board and many more options, all available at surprisingly low prices. Channapatna toys are available online at People living in Belgaluru can directly visit the place as it’s just a 2-hr drive from there. By choosing Channapatna toys as a gifting option you not only promote the regions ancient toy-making culture but also add value to the gifting experience you give your loved ones.  


Take Charge With Quirky Calendars

Gifting a calendar isn’t a bad idea, especially if you want to impress your loved one with something worth keeping. A typical calendar comes with the risk of getting passed on to sub-ordinates but a unique and impressive one always finds a special place in the life of the person you intend to gift it to. Go ahead take a tour of some unique calendar ideas that add a new meaning to New Year gifting. One by one!

Colouring Calendars


Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a space to do things he/she loves the most. It’s a way of appreciating the one you gift and expressing how close you are as a pal or a relative. Here comes a gifting option that enables a person to personalize it with the colour combinations and colouring materials of his/her choice. It’s an ultimate compliment to someone with an artistic bend of mind. It can be an ideal gift for kids too, as they love to play with colours. It’s fun to watch them create their own masterpieces one by one every month or all together at one go.  Interested? Buy it off the virtual shelf at    

3-D DIY Calendars


Calendars need not always by square or rectangle shaped. It can also take a 3-D avatar especially in today’s times when 3-D printing is gaining popularity. What makes this a must-choose gifting idea is its unconventionalism and the ability to qualify convincingly as a collector’s item. It’s also fun to assemble and also looks great on a desktop or a table where usually a typically boring flip calendar finds a place due to lack of options. Gift an out-of-the-box 3-D calendar this year and surround yourself with appreciations. You can pick and choose 3-D DIY calendars at or directly from retail outlets like Dhoop or Loose Ends in Bandra, Tappu Ki Dukaan in Fort or Bliss in Andheri. A not-so-expensive-yet-so-impressive gift for the ones you care for.

Go Moon-struck!   


Here’s comes an interesting calendar that precisely tells you the position of the moon everyday, for the next 365 days. This one-sheet calendar concept is sure to grab eyeballs because of its value added feature.  You can either download it from and take a printout yourself or bag a A2 size physical copy from G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.

Gift Something Wow!

Lack of time has often motivated us to buy ordinary gifts like pens, wallets, deos, wall clocks, pressure cookers and other forgettable things that will be kept aside for life. But sadly, blaming the rush hour won’t be taken as an excuse. You gift needs to stand out and tell a convincing story of how much you care for the person you gift. Gifting is not a formality. It’s an art mastered by a chosen few. Make sure you are one of them by staying tuned to this superblog specially designed to impress you with meaningful gifting concepts. This webspace will continue to showcase amazing and unconventional ideas suitable for various occasions, budgets and age groups. It will also update you on the latest gifting trends and the places where you can buy them. Feed your curiosity! Discover something new. Everytime!